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          Carrying forward the spirit of red flag canal in the new era and creating a new journey of production in MCL

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          Carrying forward the spirit of red flag canal in the new era and creating a new journey of production in MCL

          On August 15, Tian Xianli, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the company and Chen Aiqin, member of the Party committee, led a delegation of more than 40 members of the first and third party branches of the company to visit and study in Hongqiqu, Linzhou City, Henan Province with reverence.
          In the morning, the party members who participated in the study visited the red flag canal memorial hall with incomparable reverence, and learned the essence of the red flag canal spirit in an all-round, multi-level and multi angle manner! In the exhibition hall, we fully experienced the magnificent scene of Linzhou people's bravery, tenacious struggle and earth shaking in the construction of artificial Tianhe by the people of Linzhou from the five stages of "fighting against the millennial drought and demons from generation to generation", "red flag leading to create miracles", "monument of heroic people's Taihang", "great changes in mountains and rivers to realize dreams" and "carrying forward the past and opening up the spirit forever", Vivid pictures, touching stories and precious objects are all here. At that moment, everyone was shocked by the red flag canal spirit of "self reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication".
          In particular, when watching the documentary "red flag canal", the loud sound of the firecrackers shocked the soul of every Party member. The scene of being on the cliff, shoulder carrying and indomitable labor made everyone feel with emotion. Among them, the deeds of a group of heroes such as Wu Zutai and Yang Gui, who emerged in the course of hard construction, showed the indomitable revolutionary fighting spirit and heroic spirit of fighting heaven and earth of the people of Linxian county at that time, and let all Party members accept the baptism of thought once again.
          From the memorial hall, comrades went to the Fenshui gate to watch on the spot, and experienced the excitement of water gushing from the sluice gate at that time! Then, all the party members visited the youth cave, the throat project of the main canal of the red flag canal. Walking on the plank road built close to the cliff and looking at the water of the red flag canal passing through the mountain, they once again felt the hardship and difficulty of "Yugong rising ten years and attracting Zhanghe River to run Tianhe", and witnessed the greatness of the red flag canal project on the spot. In front of the youth cave, all the party members solemnly swear in front of the bright red party flag, review the oath of joining the party, and encourage themselves to keep in mind the party's purpose and keep the advanced nature with the oath of "pursuing the red footprint, casting the spiritual channel, not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission".
          The times will change, the great ideals and beliefs will not change, and the spirit of striving forward will not be out of date. The red flag canal is not only an eternal spiritual banner, but also an immortal monument of "transforming nature". Through this visit and study, the red footprints were traced, and all the students had a deeper understanding and feeling of the spirit of the red flag canal. They experienced a baptism in thought and were shocked in their hearts. Everyone has said that we should apply the spirit of the red flag canal to our work, encourage ourselves at all times, be not afraid of setbacks and difficulties, and spare no efforts to ensure the realization of the annual work goal of "five high and one guarantee" of the group and all work to a new level.
          Jiao Wencheng: the mountain is hard, but the determination is not enough. Difficulties can not scare the hero. You can make a hole in the iron mountain even if the mountain is high and the stone is hard. We must carry on the spirit of unity, cooperation and selfless dedication. The epidemic situation can not stop the pace and the difficulties will not defeat the party members!
          Wang Weixin: as employees of MCL, we should realize that the company is now in a critical moment of steady tackling difficulties. It is our responsibility to eliminate processing errors. It is our duty to process every piece of silicon wafer well, and it is our responsibility to have a good working state. We should really be willing to undertake the loyal mission and work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the company!
          Zhu Liaoyuan: As a member of the Communist Party, we should dare to take responsibility and put the spirit of "willing to undertake and loyal mission" into practice. As a member of the production line, Party members should do their own work well. Practicing a party member with their own actions is a banner, influencing and driving colleagues around and making contributions to the development of the company!
          Yang Li: as a party member of MCL company, only in their own post, do their best, do their best, and do their job conscientiously, carry forward the company spirit of "willing to undertake, loyal mission" and the spirit of red flag canal, strive to make new achievements in ordinary work, and contribute to the development of MCL company!
          Li Ruibo: we should always demand ourselves according to the standard of Party members, bear hardships first, enjoy pleasure later, dedicate ourselves to achieve the team. Constantly study, improve personal quality, learn advanced party theory, carry forward the spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, selfless dedication" of Hongqiqu, and be a qualified party member.