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          The theme party day of

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          The theme party day of

           In order to implement the system of "three meetings and one course", strengthen the education and management of Party members, deepen the effect of learning and education, and consolidate the educational achievements on the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission" in combination with the actual situation of the branch. On July 15, the first branch and the third branch of MCL jointly carried out the party day activity with the theme of "mutual help, mutual assistance, struggle and dedication" to help the four branches of the document center to sort out the document storage room.
          In order to carry out this activity smoothly, the branch secretaries carefully planned, personally led the team and took the lead. After the notice was issued, the party members on duty of a branch moved at the command. After Secretary Gao Ye deployed the tense production tasks of that day, he actively engaged in the transportation work, which fully reflected the party members' organizational discipline. As the boxes contain traceable original records of customer products processing, which are the initial data of the production line, although each box is very heavy (more than 50 kg), in order to ensure the integrity of the boxes, all Party members are careful and do not dare to be careless. In order to facilitate the personnel of the document center to find records in the future, Zhang Mingming, Secretary of the three branches, planned to place all the boxes according to the number and number on the spot. If any box was misplaced, it should be moved and replaced. No party member complained. After 4 hours of transportation, all Party members and cadres carried 183 cases of work orders with a total weight of 4.5 tons, which fully reflects that they are a team that can bear hardships, have strong execution and can fight hard battles.
          Give full play to the fine tradition of Party members who can bear hardships and dedication, carry forward the spirit of mutual help, solidarity and friendship, and push the theme party day activity to a climax with full working enthusiasm and high morale, strive to achieve the company's goal of "five high and one guarantee", and contribute to the company's high quality improvement.