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          Make concerted efforts to fight the epidemic and work hard to stabilize production

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          ----The leading group of epidemic prevention and control of MCL company is in action
          The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic swept over the eve of the Spring Festival, which diluted the happy Spring Festival. In the face of the severe situation of being caught off guard, under the correct leadership of the Party committee of the group company and the Party committee of MCL company, the company's management team acted quickly and organized carefully, leading the middle-level cadres to carry out comprehensive screening and joint prevention and control, so as to ensure the full implementation of epidemic prevention and control.
          1、 Strengthen leadership and compact responsibility
          The leading group of the company attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control work, takes the safety of employees as the primary task, and takes the fight against epidemic prevention and control as a major political responsibility at present. According to the deployment requirements of the prevention and control work of governments at all levels and the group company, the company immediately established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, established a "communication group for epidemic prevention and control", and formulated a series of prevention and control measures, Refine the division of labor and assign responsibilities to people. The members of the team went deep into the front line to command, held special meetings in time during the Spring Festival holiday, implemented the requirements of the higher authorities, studied and deployed the epidemic prevention and control plan, compacted the responsibilities at all levels, and spared no effort to ensure the implementation of various measures for epidemic prevention and control.
          2、 Formulate measures, scientific prevention and control
          The reminder of the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control has been released to all staff through OA system, warm reminder and other channels and ways. In January 25th, the novel coronavirus infection control measures were issued in January 25th. After that, the three edition of the epidemic prevention and control plan was issued according to the change of epidemic situation and the latest requirements of the superiors. The system of "prevention and control measures for the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles, commuter cars and virus elimination" and "management measures for mask issuing and using during epidemic prevention and control" were refined and developed. Open the emergency mode of precise implementation of anti epidemic situation and stable production. The leaders of the team personally supervise the implementation of the "daily report" and "zero report" system for epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively and timely grasp the situation of employees returning to Luoyang, the health status of themselves and their families, and strive to be scientific, rigorous and standardized in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control, so that the decisions and arrangements of the higher authorities on the prevention and control work are truly implemented.
          3、 Act quickly to solve problems
          During the Spring Festival, according to the market and customer demand, the company has been running continuously. With the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of employees on duty continues to drop sharply due to the closure of surrounding villages and other reasons. The life and work of some employees are seriously affected, and some processes are even unable to operate continuously due to lack of staff. In this emergency, the company quickly took action and tried every means to solve the problems and difficulties of its employees. Zhang Junqiang, chairman of the group company, immediately instructed that "the employees of Luodan will never be wronged". The epidemic prevention and control team of maesco solemnly promised to the employees that "the company will be responsible for the adverse effects and life difficulties brought to the employees!" General manager Shi Ge and deputy general manager Jiao erqiang go deep into the front line every day to care for employees and coordinate production, and actively coordinate and communicate with governments at all levels. At 16:40 p.m. on February 9, the high tech Zone informed all localities to begin to lift the travel restrictions on employees in Luodan. In order to ensure that employees return to work quickly and orderly, the company's Party committee arranged a coordination group composed of Tian Xianli, Gao ye, Chen Weiqun and Li Zhongjun Move to relevant villages for further communication and coordination in time to ensure that all restricted employees can return to their posts. As of February 12, all employees in the surrounding villages have returned to work normally.
          4、 Strengthen guidance to ensure stability
          Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the company actively played the role of the Party branch and the labor union, paid attention to the ideological trends of employees, strengthened the emotional and psychological counseling of employees, timely provided the staff with the explanation of doubts and safety tips, guided the staff to correctly view the epidemic situation, understand the measures of epidemic prevention and control, and called on the staff to do not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, and consciously Safeguard the security in the field of ideology. The Party committee and team members of the company have visited the grass-roots units for many times, visited and expressed sympathy to the front-line employees who stuck to their posts during the period of epidemic prevention and control, sent them the company's care and greetings, and created a stable public opinion atmosphere for winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.
          5、 Taking multiple measures to stabilize operation
          While doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the company, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provinces and cities, made a scientific overall planning and careful planning, and adhered to the principle of "one hand leading two ends". It not only did a good job in epidemic prevention and control, but also promoted the production and operation of enterprises rapidly and efficiently, and actively helped the economic development. Due to the impact of the epidemic situation and traffic control, logistics delivery, export declaration and other links are affected to a certain extent. The company plans in advance, actively responds, formulates a number of emergency plans, actively coordinates and communicates with the local government, opens up the product transportation channel, and arranges special personnel to be responsible for vehicle information statistics, procedures handling, logistics tracking and other work in strict accordance with relevant requirements, so as to ensure the goods Timely supply of capital and timely delivery of products.
          The epidemic will be over, and spring will surely come! It is believed that under the correct leadership of the party committees of the group company and MCL company, and with the joint efforts of the team of MCL, we will be able to overcome the epidemic situation as soon as possible and successfully achieve the goal of "five high and one guarantee" established in the "year of high quality improvement".



          During the Spring Festival, the leading group of MCL held a special meeting to study and deploy the work of epidemic prevention and control


          The company has formulated multiple plans and systems to prevent and control the epidemic situation


          The Party committee of the company sent sympathy and care to the employees fighting in the front line

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          The company strictly completes the prevention and control work such as temperature detection and disinfection