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          Focus on the position, fulfill the duty, eliminate all difficulties and ensure production

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            Focus on the position, fulfill the duty, eliminate all difficulties and ensure production
          ----Keep the original intention, take on the mission and be the pioneer, and the party members and the masses stick to their posts
          In the war of epidemic prevention and control, under the leadership of the company's Party committee, the vast number of cadres and employees of mesk company, with a high degree of responsibility and dedication, stick to the front line, overcome the difficulties together, fight the epidemic situation and ensure production, which fully demonstrates the enterprise spirit of "willing to take on the job, loyal to the mission" and the good spirit of mesk people's dedication, unity and cooperation Style and features. Due to the severe epidemic prevention and control situation in villages and communities, there is a serious shortage of staff in various regions. In order to ensure the order delivery time, the majority of front-line party members and employees do not shrink back or hesitate. They are willing to contribute and stand up at the critical moment, making silent contributions to the normal operation of production, and many impressive and advanced deeds have been constantly emerging. In order to further form a strong atmosphere of learning from the advanced and striving to be the vanguard, the Party committee of the company publishes the following advanced typical deeds to promote positive energy and enhance cohesion. It is hoped that all cadres and workers will continue to firmly believe and unite as one, resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and fight against economic pressure, and strive to achieve the annual goal of "five high and one guarantee".
          Comrade Li Zhiqiang, a probationary member of Qiemo District
          Comrade Li Zhiqiang lives in Daobei. During the epidemic, the gate of the community was closed, and vehicles were restricted from entering. Daobei is a long way to the company, there is no bus. In order to go to work, at the beginning, the employee rode an electric car to the departure station at 6:30 every day. Later, because the electric vehicle was not allowed to enter the community and could not be recharged, the employee changed to walk. I leave for work at 5:20 two hours in the morning. Considering that he is too hard, his family advised him to take a day off. He always said that you don't have to worry. At present, the company is very responsible for every employee. From strict temperature control, wearing masks throughout the whole process, non-contact dinner in the canteen, and single seat diet control, the company has done a good job in prevention and control. As a party member, we should consciously rush ahead and set an example for everyone. Although Comrade Li Zhiqiang has no earthshaking deeds, he insists on arriving on time and working steadfastly, so as to do a good job of a screw in the ordinary post, so as to provide the greatest support and help for the epidemic prevention and control, production and operation.
          Polishing staff Peng Mingming, Peng Gaoyang, he Yangyang and other employees and epidemic prevention and control team of production department:
          Peng Mingming, Peng Gaoyang and he Yangyang live in Zhangzhuang community in Yiyang and Luoning, respectively. Because the rental house is not equipped with cooking conditions, they buy food in restaurants outside after work. After the outbreak of the epidemic, all the restaurants were closed and closed. The three people had difficulty in eating. They soaked noodles and dried instant noodles for many days. As the epidemic became more and more serious, all counties and districts were gradually closing down villages and roads. Their parents were distressed that they had to work and could not eat well. They were advised to ask for leave and go home as soon as possible. They want to stay at home with delicious food and ensure health and safety, but the company has not stopped production because of orders. If we ask for leave, what should we do? Faced with the affectionate call of their families, the three employees chose to stick to their posts. They bought induction cooker and simple Kitchenware and learned to cook by themselves. Because they couldn't cook without ventilation, they cooked noodles and sauce to solve the problem of eating. At the critical moment, they choose to stick to it, and their professionalism is moving.
          The epidemic prevention and control team of the Ministry of production (Chen Weiqun, Gao ye and other party members) receives hundreds of messages every day, but also responds one by one, monitors the specific situation of each region and each person, adjusts the production structure in time according to the actual situation, and ensures that production and prevention and control are both correct. During this period, most members pay silently and have no complaints, and really play a vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members.
          The safety and environmental protection team has strict procedures and effective prevention and control
          January 25 is the first day of the Chinese New Year. When everyone was still reunited with his family, Guo Kailong, a member of the Communist Party and the manager of the safety and environmental protection department, rushed out of the house and ran all over the streets to coordinate the relationship between all parties to get back the urgently needed materials such as masks and disinfectants for the company. On the same day, the company launched emergency measures such as taking the shuttle bus and wearing masks throughout the work, monitoring body temperature in the factory, virus elimination in the factory, and so on.
          Gate post and gate are the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control of the company, but at the same time, they are also the places with the most contacts and the greatest risks. The safety and environmental protection team represented by the probationary Party member, Comrade Yu Botao, has never retreated and always stuck to the front line of the post. According to the requirements of the company's leaders, Yu Botao and the Department staff jointly drafted and formulated a number of prevention and control measures such as restaurants, shuttle buses, disinfection, etc., and strictly implemented the measures to do a good job in disinfection of public places such as commuter buses, staff canteens, gate posts, parking lots and so on. Disinfect the shuttle bus twice a day, the office building twice a day, the bus parking area twice a day, and cooperate with the safety and environmental protection department of the group company in disinfection of the dining room. At the scene, he repeatedly stressed the prevention and control measures for the gate staff, and was on duty all the time. He guided the doormen to measure the temperature of the personnel entering and leaving the factory and disinfected the vehicles. For the employees without masks, he issued emergency disposable masks, and strictly supervised and cooperated with the bus driver to measure the body temperature of the employees getting on and off duty. According to the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, according to the shift of employees, increase the number of gate gates and parking lot disinfection, and require the gate staff to do a good job